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Hori 28-Nov-17 05:12 PM
Alt 28-Nov-17 05:12 PM
delet dis
Hori 28-Nov-17 05:12 PM
mute it
Taylor Swift 28-Nov-17 05:13 PM
Hori 28-Nov-17 05:14 PM
yall there were so many gw1 references ni this story
when fucking koss dejarin pops up
it was like OH SHITTTTT
and fuckin pawaladan
10/10 rename
there are a bunch of dervish and paragon NPCs
if we get dervish or paragon in a ls4 chapter i would cum
also god damn i was spooked that they might kill of taimi
was gonna fuckin RAGE if they did
also im glad to see baby back BITCH brahm is back
Joko having asuran tech and being able to summon asura gates to any location is pretty wild
CoathangerMD 28-Nov-17 05:19 PM
Have some backstory to go with your plot
Hori 28-Nov-17 05:27 PM
man and kralky being able to brand niggas without even being there and summoning brandstorms wherever
Prude 28-Nov-17 05:58 PM
the scene after the dragon fight at the end of the first part of this episode
where the branded griffon lands and taimi shoots it with the new scruffy before y'all meet up with aurene
for a second i mistook the griffon as the new aurene and thought taimi just staight blasted her
Prude 28-Nov-17 06:01 PM
lol @ the commander being like "WHERE WE GONNA FIND SUNSPEARS?"
like bitch the whole griffon collection was about setting up a new secret sunspear gathering place!!!!
this map did end up having some urban-ish bits like i hoped
Hori 28-Nov-17 10:40 PM
play the new chapter
Prude 29-Nov-17 05:21 AM
i was gonna riot if best girl actually died
sad/afraid taimi was a very emotional experience!!!
Hori 29-Nov-17 06:25 AM
CoathangerMD 30-Nov-17 05:47 AM
God DAMN did Taimi's voice actress kill it
A COP IRL 30-Nov-17 01:09 PM
Hori 30-Nov-17 01:12 PM
dude right
that was legit a hot damn when i saw it
A COP IRL 30-Nov-17 03:18 PM
Good episode
CoathangerMD 30-Nov-17 04:19 PM
Prude 04-Dec-17 09:03 PM
Taimi did a good job and my heart broke for her!!!!!
I was gonna have major issues if she died!!!!!!!!!!!
CoathangerMD 04-Dec-17 09:04 PM
Is it just me or did she look better hair down
Hori 04-Dec-17 09:04 PM
taimi hair + ribbon is top tier
CoathangerMD 04-Dec-17 09:05 PM
She looked older I'd say
Hori 04-Dec-17 09:05 PM
i think they just made her model oddly large there for some reason
CoathangerMD 04-Dec-17 09:07 PM
Still that was a heavy ending
I hope the next live event involves portals opening in the listed locations that you sealed and dumping undead like the toxic bullshit
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:38 PM
Ok so yeah if you're using a rifle build honestly bring the bomb kit
With my stats rifle AA only hits 717 or so
Bomb kit AA is about 1500
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:39 PM
okay, so I'm at 17.5k with full boons and condis on the golem
so it's time to go to gear
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:39 PM
Traits too
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:39 PM
I think I've got traits the way I want them
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:40 PM
You running burn on holoforge activate, barriers on holo 3, and blasting module
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:40 PM
on just the holo tree?
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:40 PM
I also run on explosives glass cannon, big boomer for the vitality, and shrapnel
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
Same good
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
explosives = 322
firearms = 312
holosmith = 323
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
IA is.optional
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
if 1 = top, 2 = mid, 3 = bottom
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
Run no scope if your solo
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
yeah, I could see that
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:41 PM
It's a nice crit bonus
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
but that's not beneficial in raid, right?
moreso for true solo?
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
It's fine in raids
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
oh, hell, i wasn't using food/sharpening stone either
YinBot 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
Oh don't worry about fud
Prude 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
The crit bonus could put you over crit cap in raid groups which means you have the option of running some valks if you wanted more health (at the cost of extremely marginal food power conversion)
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:42 PM
It's not for testing
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:43 PM
yeah, the s/p build I looked at had some valks in there
I kinda also hate scholar runes, but I already paid for them and have them
flame legion arguably more consistent and way cheaper
but a little dps loss
Prude 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
Because I have mauraders sword/shield (ported over from my guard and i'm not gonna spend money to conver them to zerks lol) I can actually run full valk armor and basically still be crit capped
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
SP build is fucking legit
Prude 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
makes my duder kinda forgiving to play I'd imagine
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
that s/p build is really easy to use
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
Alt did 21k on it with mostly exotics
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:44 PM
either way, I gotta drop these soldiers trinkets
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:46 PM
You do
But once you do and get on a build you like with good dps
You're golden
Join a W4 or W1 training raid
Never be afraid to say you don't know what to do
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 07:56 PM
oh I'm not as short on ecto as I thought
I had 94
so I just need 6
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 07:56 PM
And One of the reasons i learned you want photon wall is it's tool belt is the holo exclusive surprise shot
Prude 12-Jan-18 08:00 PM
ya it's good
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:00 PM
8s cd like surprise shot similar damage and it's a cripple
Prude 12-Jan-18 08:00 PM
and they share a cooldown so you can just mash them both together
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:01 PM
And like surprise shot even when stunned or knocked back you can drop them
I still will use bombkit to help balance my rifle
But if I use a sword pistol it's legit a good choice
I really will give sword pistol it's due since you can self quickness like a mother fucker
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:04 PM
hmm, yeah, I gotta work photon wall in somewhere
and yeah, s/p is great for the kinetic charge abuse
trinkets acquired
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:05 PM
Whats your skill line up
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:06 PM
healing turret/rifle turret/bombkit/laser disc/prime beam as is
rifle turret gives the surprise shot
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:07 PM
Rifle or SP
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:07 PM
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:07 PM
Don't worry about wall
Rifle holo is a much more CC heavy build
It gains complexity via a kit rotstion
But against moving targets it's weakrr
Plus side 1200 rage
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:08 PM
hard light arena offers interesting possibilities for rifle build vs moving targets too
because of the pull
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:08 PM
True though depends in the situatiin
IE raids it's not worth it
Solo stuff kikely
I'm not fixing that typo
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:19 PM
For your benchmarking purposes
Use that for proper buffs and condis
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:20 PM
okay, those tweaks got me to 19k
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:20 PM
Thanks bby
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:20 PM
@Solgnir make sure you're using exactly what that screenshot says
Condis are important for holo
And having all the standard raid buffs is a big boost too
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
well, I had taken pinpoint distribution off for no scope
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
Pinned a message.
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
is it safe to assume that I'd have it from another holo?
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
Yeah no scope is what you run
Nah don't add that
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
You want one holo doing PD
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
Condi dps is irrelevant for you
Prude 12-Jan-18 08:21 PM
But never be the holo doing PD
cause it makes you a bitch
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:22 PM
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:22 PM
PD only matters if you have a Condi dps in your sub group
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:22 PM
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:22 PM
So always be in the subgroup without Condi dps
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:22 PM
If you're the PD holo better dilate that asshole
You're getting 9 dicks
I keep a sword pistol handy for when I want to be turbo lazy and run the kitless build
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:29 PM
okay, so somewhere around 19.5k with that buff/condi setup
there was a weird fuckup where my auto stopped, but i was consistently at 19.5k before i noticed something was wrong
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:30 PM
That's just asc upgrades and learning your rotstuon
You're 100% raid acceptable
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:31 PM
yeah. some keyboard re-binding will be helpful at some point too
cure the sprawl
almost dead-on 21k with food buffs
nailed everything the way I intended that time
except for one accidental F1 regeneration, which cost virtually nothing
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:38 PM
>when people recommend magi over harriers
The only reason to run Magi druid ever is while you're working on affording harriers
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:40 PM
I can handle this bomb kit build I think. The nade kit might do a bit more dps but it's way too autistic for me
bombkit build is actually quite intuitive
oh wow I'm an idiot.
no superior sigil of force in weapon
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:52 PM
Nade kit is great but it requires a level of autism most don't have
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:53 PM
I've got that autism
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:55 PM
the qtfy build has both bomb and nade kit, lol
fukken n o p e
so, basically, 21k with food before I plug this force sigil in.
and a rotation that makes sense.
I'll be fine
now to max weaponsmithing so i don't have to spend my shekels on sharpening stones
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:57 PM
Buy fruit cales
Hori 12-Jan-18 08:58 PM
Yeah you want tin of fruitcake
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 08:59 PM
same as sharpening stone except adds 10% karma?
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 08:59 PM
And cheaper
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 09:00 PM
yeah, seen that
yeah 9s 33c for the item and 11c for the recipe
Hori 12-Jan-18 09:03 PM
It's probably around that much to craft
Maybe a tad cheaper
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 09:04 PM
And go get the wvw provisioner box
Let you buy discount food for.badges
Nice to have when you want to be a jew
Prude 12-Jan-18 09:05 PM
Yeah it's good cheap food
I wish the utlities it offered were less shit(edited)
Hori 12-Jan-18 09:09 PM
Imagine buying the fucking soup for 1g 40 silver for every 30 minutes
Sorry it lasts an hour
But still
I'll use a cheaper one thanks
Prude 12-Jan-18 09:09 PM
If I was in part of like
some like crazy raid group or something where we could just bust shit out in an hour
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 09:09 PM
I have a stash of metabolics if I plan on running the real noce shit
Prude 12-Jan-18 09:09 PM
maybe I'd do it
Hori 12-Jan-18 09:10 PM
I mean top guilds have no lack of money
Raid selling and turbo autisting and what not
But for the common Man it's too much
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 09:11 PM
Good news I have 4 viper insignia
Raiding pays niggers
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 09:17 PM
I bought the garden plots with IRL shekels so I can grow my own soup
Prude 12-Jan-18 09:17 PM
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 09:17 PM
How are thosr
I'm actually curious
Prude 12-Jan-18 09:18 PM
there's a shitload of crops to choose from i hear
four slots per plot you buy, max of two plots in home instance
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 09:18 PM
there's an RNG chance to find seeds when harvesting nodes in the wild
for the more rare shit
which does, of course, include plants that only normally exist in nodes (e.g. butternut squash)
CoathangerMD 12-Jan-18 09:19 PM
That's actuallynreally neat
Solgnir 12-Jan-18 09:19 PM
so if you have two plots, you can grow up to 8 of the rare things every day
common nodes seem to yield 2 per
so I've got 4 nodes growing butternut squash and 4 nodes growing cayenne peppers
there's probably a more efficient way to do it, but meh