Nintendo Wire on Twitter: “Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu Switch bundles up now at GameStop.

ModDB on Twitter: “System Shock: Enhanced Edition has been rebuilt by @NightdiveStudio with the newly acquired original source code as the Source Port Update

appabend on Twitter: “In Battlefield V, if you type in the chat, they will censor the word “DLC”…

Two-Points Hospital: An Exploration Into The Nightmare of Healthcare

When I first saw this game previewed at the PC Gaming Show at this years E3, I immediately went to Steam and wish listed it out of sheer hype. (Not going to lie though I totally forgot about it after that and only remembered when I saw people tweeting about it. That’s not a referendum on the games hype, more on my memory.) The games silly art style (That’s oddly reminiscent of Wallace & Gromit sans claymation) and the Black Comedy of the dialogue had my interest beyond piqued.

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No Mans Buy Now A Must Buy

When No Mans Sky first came out in 2016, it almost instantly became the butt of many jokes. A victim of its own hype machine, it failed to deliver on many of the core concepts that were promised by the developers. However, The NEXT Update has seen the implementation of the most anticipated feature: Multiplayer.

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