Welcome to WTT. This is foremost a community, a community that lends itself to it’s members being fairly open and honest with one another. We don’t all share the same ideas or interests but we have the bigger commonality of friendship. We do also play games, most of the time, well sometimes. I think a key role in leadership is just guidance. What I want is to foster our commonalities of shared interests. For that to happen I want each member that wants to see something, make it happen. Don’t see a channel for a game you want to play? Ask and we can make it and you can lead the charge of forming your group. There is no “in crowd” that is mandatory for you to play games. Just play and have f*n.


1. Follow Discord Terms of Service – I mean duh if they don’t allow it obviously we won’t. Don’t endanger the entire group just to be edgy.

2.No Politics – I know some folks won’t like this. But it is the most divisive overall. This doesn’t include major and ongoing events and that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about stuff but it’s not a main topic and shouldn’t be a big focus for long ongoing discussions. There are plenty of other places that you can flame out on.

3. Don’t be a DICK -This should go without saying. We all give each other shit, and we definitely need to. But don’t go overboard, no getting angry and sending dm’s or spamming the chat, or trying to doxx or any dumb shit like that.